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Eric Frimpong CDC# F95488
Cocopa  – Bravo , cell #112 Lower
La Palma Correctional Center
5501 N La Palma Road
Eloy, AZ 85131


61 Responses to “Write to Eric at the Address Below – NEW March 13, 2011”

  1. Lindsey Spilman said


  2. Kofi Frimpong said

    I was in the same class with Eric during his university years in Ghana. I have some really fond memories of Eric and I knew him VERY well.
    My first contact with Eric come about when our admission letters to college were interchanged and mailed to each of us. This is because we bear the same last names. We both found out later and returned it to the college admissions for rectification.
    We became very good friends when we started school after that. I knew him to be God-fearing, kind, understanding and jovial. I would have problems with my homework and sometimes he would ask me to come over to his dorm and he was going to help me with it. We studied together before examinations too.
    Everyone knew he was a good soccer player and we all tipped him to be a star in the future. I will joke about it that I would be his manager and let him play for Arsenal FC in England one day. For this, he used to call me affectionately by the name of the legendary Arsenal manager, ‘Arsene Wenger.’
    Eric left us to the US in 2005 and we (all his friends) were all happy for him because we knew he was on his way to stardom! He always told me that, ‘Kofi, I think soccer is my career and if things go right for me, I think am going to play professionally.’
    I came to the US after my undergraduate study in engineering in Ghana (in the same school) to study further here. I tried reaching Eric via all means but I could not find any contact. So I thought, ok, this person I know is destined for great things so there might be news about him on the internet or something…so I googled his name. That was when I found out what has happened.
    Based on my knowledge of Eric, I dont think he did it. I will not play the race card, neither would I question the integrity of the court but my common sense tells me that there is something wrong somewhere in this whole issue. Eric does not have the mental ability to commit such an act.
    This post is to show my support to my FRIEND Eric since I have had no way of contacting him since I came to this country. I wish him all the best and I hope God will guide him through everything.

  3. lonimonahan said

    My son became Eric’s best friend and roommate during his study at UCSB. I am his “American Mom”. Your description of Eric is accurate and we too love him like a son and know he could not have done this crime. Just know that all of us here in California are working very hard to clear his name and set him free so he can go on to live his dream in the soccer world.

    Keep praying.

  4. Charles Aglozo said

    Eric was a year ahead of me in St. James Seminary in Sunyani. He was a science student. He was a very good soccer player and in academics he was so serious. I remember a time came when an apology had to be read to him just for him to play for the school team. I left St. James and continued at the University of Ghana. I was not surprised when I saw Eric on the University of Ghana campus; he was selected to make the team for the public universities in Ghana. I remember we called him DUNGA in school those days. He was a master in the midfield. He was a quiet and a gentle young man who did not indulge in any activity apart from learning and playing soccer. I knew Eric very well and I know he would not commit such a crime. All parties should sit up and act professionally to redeem this young man from all these lies. I wish I had the power to do that. But Eric I promise you that the truth shall come to pass one day and all who lied to have you sentenced will certainly pay for this devilish lies. I am praying for you. Good Luck.

  5. Ryan Williams said

    much love frimpong keep your head up. i think about you everyday, you are a great person and i am very proud to call you my friend. You will do great things in life and rise above this mess because that is what people of your character do in hard times. They dont lose faith, work hard, and never give up even when times are tough.

  6. Kofi Frimpong said

    the failure of a man is does not lie in his falling down but his inability to rise up when he falls!
    i know you will rise through this to shame your enemies. This is not your fight, man. Vengeance is the LORDs. God bless you.

  7. Taylor Canel said

    Eric, You are in my prayers, as well as those of the entire Cal State Northridge soccer community. God bless.

  8. evans kyei mensah said

    Eric, this is your brother, Kofi owusu in Abesim.
    I have tried several means of getting intouch with you but all to no avail.
    I was shock and dumbfounded when I heard the news about my brother but there was little I could do except praying for his release.
    Kwabena as I call him cannot do anything of such magnitude.
    I believe that this is the most trying time in his life but The Lord we serve will never let us be put to shame.
    Those who planned this against my brother should remember that whatevers a man sows so shall he reap.

    • Rachel said

      Bless your heart, my brother, and prayers to your family as well. I am sorry that our country has done such a thing to a clearly innocent man. I am searching to see if there is anything I can do, I have no power myself as I am but a caregiver and a mother. As you said though, God will not forget. Above all things we must continue our faith in Him, for I have heard that Eric has been reaching out and saving the souls of many around him, and indeed he shall be vindicated. I am so sorry… You are all in my prayers constantly. Bless you, your sister in Christ, Rachel

  9. Michael Tetteh said

    Just want to let you that we are all praying for and by Gods grace everything will go well. we miss you and love you. take care.

  10. Peter Sekyi said

    Hi Eric,

    I feel for you. I want you to remember that Jesus Christ your advocate dealt with this issue on Calvary and declared you guiltless.
    I believe you have told the court the truth. This truth will set you free Jesus declares in scripture. I will be praying for you. God bless you.

  11. Evelyn Boachie said

    Hey Eric,
    I know by the grace of God you will come out of this situation. Keep your faith, never forget to hold on to your dignity…you have been delivered from it. You will be in my prayers. I am a fellow Ghanaian and I feel for you, my brother went through similar situation and the Lord did his wonders. We all support and love you more than you can ever know…remember there are countless loved ones on your side.

    May God Be with You Always,

    Evelyn Boachie

  12. Savio i know you will not do it i know for sure you will not.cos i know the dreams you have i know even if nobody tell you i will tell you i am you greatest fan and i know you know.
    savio am very sad as i right this but i know God LIVE AND WILL SURELY REIGN IN THIS MATTER IF ONLY SOMEBODY CAN BET.
    God will reign in this case it may seem there in no hope but believe me i know you pls dont forget you GOD cos he will surely deliver you oh Savio eeeh Savio papapaaaaaaaaaa

  13. Daniel Essuah Mensah said

    Eric, we will contnuously pray and fast for you. we will not rest till we get all the ghanaian community in maryland together to garner support for a retrial. I will definitely pull all available contacts together and push for any necessary funds. hold on and never give up hope. ebeye yee wo Nyame din mu.

  14. Saviola,i know that one day the good Lord will surely reveal the truth of this matter.Rest not for your glory is coming soon.

  15. essene said

    some of the people working on this case need to contact the ACLU or Jesse Jackson’s foundation because the juries and court systems in Santa Barbara definitely discriminate against people of color. Jesse Jackson helped the student that was jailed recently in Louisana so if anyone really wants to get this guy out I recommend they take some drastic actions because just prayers are not going to work.

  16. Laput said

    Saviola…..I am pretty sure you do not remember me.But i know you very well from tech.All i want to tell you is to have faith in God.The God that brought you to this land will never forsake you.Savio i know you didn’t do that.May the good Lord keep you safe until you come out.We are all here for you.

  17. Evelyn Affram said

    Happy Easter Eric
    In this trying times of your life i share your pain, sadness and thoughts with you in Prayer.The lord God Almighty who never did anything wrong but was crucified for ours sins will be your Redeemer.Even on the Cross suffering for our sins He still found a place in Heaven for the thief on the cross.So i say to you this Good Friday morning from Gen 18vrs14 “Is there anything too hard for the Lord”

  18. Erhie said

    Eric keep your head up. Everything happens for a reason. What cannot kill a man will make him stronger. As for your detractors, they will meet their own in front! Stay strong.

  19. Sarah said

    To his American Mom “lonimonahan” – God Bless you in abundance. I am speechless reading all your efforts towards helping a man you “don’t know” the effort is immeasurable. God bless you and your family. You are an angel everyone Ghanaian thanks you. You are in my prayers.

    To Eric, let your faith be your sustenance, hold on dont ever give up. God is a just and merciful God he will never forsake you. I ask that you read Psalm 35 ” Plead my cause, O Lord for those who strive with me. Fight against those who fight against me. Take hold of shield and buckler and stand up for my help. Also draw out the spear and stop those who pursue me. Say to my soul ” I am your salvation” Let those be put to shame and brought to dishonour who seek after my life. let those be turned back and brought to confusion Who plot my hurt Let them be like chaff before the wind and let the angel of the Lord pursue them, let their way be dark and slippery and let the angel of the Lord pursue them For without cause they have hidden their net for me in a pit which they have dug without cause for my life……”

    Also my brother, thank God for this situation say Thank you that his will has been done and his will will be done. This is a light affliction the magnitude of the sunshine on the other side is unimaginable… God has a reason for this, he has a reason for using you for his purpose, he chose you and he will never give you more than you can bear

    Harbour no evil, harbor no revenge no ill will, revenge is for the Lord…pray for the “victim” the one that put you in this. Just pray for her I myself cannot find the words to pray for her but pray for her.

    God is all we have. There are a lot of people from all walks of life supporting you. We love you. I love you

    God Bless you, God Bless lonimohan and her family, God Bless all your supporters

  20. Akwasi F said

    I got to learn abt ur story from an e-mail i received from a friend. My GH brother DO NOT EVER give up on the Lord. He knows the truth and what happened in ur situation and once u have made peace with the Almighty Father there is nothing man can do to you to break you down. Stay strong in the Lord and use this time to grow spiritually. The confines of ur present situation should not define the man that u should be but rather mold u into the man that God intends you to be. Dont habor hate nor anger towards the other party in ur case. Let God deal with that. A child of God learns to forgive repeatedly as our savior did. We all know that this can be hard to do but our quest is to make him proud up there watching over us. Jail is hard. I have been there. However the end result is that it gave me some time to purge myself of some bad ways and build a stronger relationship with the Lord. Listen to the Lord. He is all around you. I leave you with blessings of faith, courage, and good health. And one of my favorite Bible quotes–Jeremiah 17:5

  21. evans amofa said

    Papa Savioooo,
    Bro, whats up? I have monitored the situation on the net as they unfolded. Eric, you know what, I believe you. I don’t want to doubt the competence and integrity of the jury but I honestly believe that the trial needs to be revisited for evidences and witnesses put up by the plaintiff even exonerate Eric. Bro, Take heart, stay calm never despair for I believe you will get out of the place sooner than you think.
    Take Care and be happy

  22. Cephas Laryea said

    I have to say how grievous it is to hear of a story like this one. Like everyone else the verdict is not just harsh but soooo unfair words cannot explain. As the team on your behalf prepare to appeal, I personally will be interceding feverently to the Almighty God. You and I know the power that He has and how he can do all things. Yes this is a difficult time but remember Paul and Silas when they prayed and sang off the chains they bound with. Brother at hour I say that you will be set free IN JESUS NAME. He alone knows why you’re in a situation like this and I’ll admonish you to not give up hope for we serve a God who’s specialized in things thought impossible.!!!!!

  23. kwadwo owusu said

    Hi Kwabena! We are still working along the clock for the accuser to come out public and deny all the accusation levelled against you. I want u to pray and fast every tuesday which is your birth date and we’ll witness the results. God is for us all and will be with you too. Now in abesim all the weekdays.

  24. Angors said

    i know saviola more than myself:he was very friendly,kind,jovial,respectful and above all God fearing.sometimes it beats my imagination to see saviola been jailed for raping:thats the world we live in now,we just have to accept it.but i know for sure what ever goes around will surely come around and those who planned this act will be paid sooner or later by nature.
    Oboy savio, as u always say ‘TEAM WORK WILL WIN’ after last minute discussions b4 exams,we ure boys(angors,Onwa,moro.Gee,joe basher,etc) will always team up and pray for ure freedom to fullfill ure dreams in God’s name.

    im still a dutch angors(u alone understands this,savio)ha ha ha ha.
    never rest not

  25. Edem said

    Just want you to know that loads of your friends (KNUST – Civil Eng Class) all over the world are praying for you. If there’s anything we can do please let us know. We never forgot about you when you left, we never will. Take care bruv.

  26. Aaron Enos said


    I know its easy for people to comfort you without appreciating how it really feels to be in your shoes right now. But take heart bruv.

    This world has never been fair. but at least that sets the men aside from the boys.

    You are a man. and I believe in you.

    No shaking

  27. Michael Fiifi Quansah said

    I was really upset and angry to hear about this issue. I have never met Eric, neither did I know anything about him before any of this, but a situation like this needs no personal relationship to evoke a response. This is clearly a case of justice being denied and people taking advantage of others just because they can! I am not just going to support Eric because I am also Ghanaian and a student in the States as well, but for the very fact that the life of a promisisng young man, whose family, friends and even country count on his kind to make them (or even us) proud, is being wasted by so-called law enforcers.
    With all the evidence there is proving Eric’s innocence and the surprising lack of evidence to support the ‘raped girl’s’ claims, can justice in the “Land of the Free” be anymore twisted and unfair?
    I don’t know how the situation is right now, but is the UCSB community, maybe the sports council or even the coach doing anything about this, about the case of a young man who helped the school win a national title?
    Eric, i see you are a christian, and all i think about is the story of Joseph in the Bible after reading your case. God will definitely use people much higher to vindicate you. I’ll do my best to do what I can, I’ll support you in prayer and allow God to use me to help you.

    Psalm 91.


    i hope all is well with u as write this letter.i know i still remain the one behind you who thinks u re INNOCENT.never allow anyhting to worry u b’cus God is in control.i know he who wants u to fall will bow down his or her head in shame very soon.always think that joseph in the bible shouldnt have gone to the prison for he was innocent but God allowed that.u will never remain there in JESUS NAME.i’ve gone to all stations both fm and tv stations to create the awareness of ur,the am getting the Ghana government seriously involve and pls tell ur lawyer to officially write to inform the ghana embassy of the appeal.the government promise me to get u a legal representative from the embassy’s outfit to stand in for the government.i’ll never give up until u come out to prove a point.remember u were born to be a great hero some day so please never be also making sure ur mum get all the necessary info.i encourage her a lot so pls be encouraged as well.i know u re there b’cus people dont want to tell the truth,but it shall be known very soon.take care and wait for the LORD bcus he is our mouth shall be well.


    hi Kwabee,
    hope all is well with u there.we re also doing good just that the LORD ALMIGHTY is keeping his arms close for long,but it pays to wait.i heard u’ve gotten a new mate who is really good.i always say that, that is not where u re destine to live so whether the devil wants it or not u will come out in JESUS NAME,say amen.mama Mary says i should tell u that,never be ashamed about what has happen b’cus she knows u,still with u in spirit,will never leave her faith until u re released.she and the other siblings re all doing bro,be strengthen and God should be ur arranging for someone from the Ghana mission to visit u very soon.always remember ur creator for he knows where u will be and can do.very soon all will come to an end.u re still remembered.cheer up.

  30. Hameed Jehanfo said


    Man has a limit in terms of how far he can fight but God hasn’t. A lot of us (UK squad of KNUST Civil 2006) have followed this bogus case from the very beginning til now. I’m sure God will listen to the prayer of at least one of us and touch the heart of whoever has authority to grant justice sooner than later. I think your headache shld be if Ghana and US both qualify for 2010 World Cup and u get a call up for both, who will u choose to play for?

  31. edem galley said

    hi saviola, edem here (your coursemate, civil and team coach). it is sad hearing what you are going through. knowing you these years makes me believe you are innocent, and i pray for you. i know it is hard but just give thanks to God, and i know He would open doors for you. stay faithful to Him and He would be faithful to you. better things are coming your way so dont give up on God. have time for Him and see the great and mighty things He would do in your life.
    take care………….

  32. kwadwo owusu said

    Sister Afia(mum) told me u requested 4 a prayer topics. We are working favourishly 4 your released by the close of the month june. Now, PRay this prayer: FATHER LORD I THANK U FOR DE GIFT OF LIFE, PEACE AND YOUR CARE IN THIS MATTER.Now in this prison i acknowledge your presece here as U did to SHADRACH,MESSACH &ABEDNAGO.You also released Daniel from the lion’s Den,PAUL AND SILAS from jail. Today, it’s my turn and trust that u’ll not fail me. If i’v done anything wrong to deserve this i pray 4 de
    forgivenes of sins acording to your word in john 1:12. Dear LORD, i also pray that any Egyptian Goliath destined to twart my vision in life, let that spirit be destroyd in Jesus name,in any manner that they are workink let dem receive destruction. Any destind spirit monitoring me from my childhood, may u scatter in the name of Jesus Christ. Retrogressive spirit,stagnant positions, marine spirit, family curse and yoke,disgrace and tortise spirit be ye deastroyd in JESUS name. I am God’s creature and ther4 refuse to b in jail in JESUS name. Lord God remember me for good cried Nehemia, may i also be rememberd. YOU added 15years to Nehamia when the prophet told him he’ll die. All those seeking for my down fall should be put to shame. I’ve served u from my childhood, now is the time 4 you to exonerate me. Look at my mother and the family, how she spends sleeples night at Odumase, the orphans at the Kumasi children’s home and the entire p’ple praying 4 my release. I thank you lord 4 an answered prayer, wil get u another one. U are the 21st century JOSEPH so as God release him through a miraculus means, H’ll do same for you.

  33. Isaac Azilah said

    Saviola, I remember the first day I had the opportunity to meet you @ Paa Joe playing for the engineering freshers’ team. You realy inspired me and was very grateful we came in contact. I could not believe it when I heard the news but I want you to remain steadfast in the Lord, He will surely see you through and remember that truth will surely come to light, it is just a moment

  34. Hello Savio am happy to know that you are fine.i miss you so much.I believe you, ope you still remember my advice.
    Cantona have been delivering your messages.Savio papa paaa.Ah me savio ni Oh.
    Take care we are still praying for you.

  35. rasta said


    I have not met you before and i have read your story and it is sad to know of the outcome.

    I hope to make yor case popular in the UK amongst students via a website for ethnic minorities in the uk.

    I have you in my prayers.

    Be Strong
    Founder Minority Students project

  36. Eugene Danquah said

    Is there anyway I can help clear his name?
    I live in England, and this is no suprise at all.
    But how do you define rape in America?
    I am short of words……How could they be so prejudiced..Common sense tells me that his hanging out with his mates on the day after, and not avoiding people defines enough innocence…
    We all have done stuff that we are guilty for, and it clearly sticks out in our next move….How?

  37. Sheila said

    What a sad story! Just read your story during Lunch at work for the very first time.
    I read this little piece below this morning and thought I should share it with you.

    “Our limited ability accents God’s limitless power…Let God do the holding and you do the trusting.” Trust Him and hey, Hold your head up and look up to Him, He is your source in these times.

    I am happy to read that you know your God. I will bear you up in prayer and speak to others about it’
    But remember this piece of Psalm,” Though oh Lord, thou art a shield around me, you are my glory and the lifter up of my Head.”

  38. Sheila said

    if you have a Bible with you, Please never stop reading Ps. 91. Pray it, medidate on each sentence and declare it with your name in the place of the Psalmist throughout the whole passage and hold on tight in faith as God sits on your case.


    Take care stil by your side.Have a merry christmas and a better properous happy new year.
    Take care.You know i still believe in you.

  40. Brian71 said

    I just finished the ESPN Magazine article on Eric. This seems to be an terrible injustice, but Eric is an inspiration to me. His story points me towards God and reminds me that we all have a Father who has promised to never leave us and never forsake us.

    God Bless, Eric.

  41. Jonathan said

    My name is Jonathan and I live in Massachusetts. I know that it’s on the opposite coast of California, but I just wanted to say that the news of you has spread amongst everybody living in the United States and beyond. I came across an article about you in the ESPN magazine that shared your story. I was very touched, moved, inspired, angered, and saddened, by what I read. Although I do not know you personally, I believed your side of the story. Otherwise, why else would I be writing this letter? lol Anyways, I strongly believe that you deserve justice, equality and freedom. You do not deserve what has unfortunately come upon you in the last year and a half. It’s a shame that such an injustice had to happen like this. I know you have been through a lot and that you may be living in tough times, but I want you to keep your head up. I believe in you, and millions of others feel the same way. You will become a Major League Soccer Player one day and you will become a priest in the years to follow (if that still is a life goal of yours). You must follow your dreams and believe in yourself, Eric. Never let anybody get in the way of what you want to accomplish. Do not let adversity stand in the way of what you believe in. If I could help in any way, I would, but hopefully my company and friendship will make you happier. I truly hope that everything goes well, and life goes back to normal for you really soon. I wish you the best of luck, Eric. May all your dreams and wishes come true, both now and in the future. Stay strong and have a great day, man. Hold your head high. We all believe in you and you will be in our prayers.
    – Best Wishes and God Bless Your Kind Soul, Jonathan

  42. Caralynne said

    I too read the ESPN magazine about Eric and was shocked about the injustice that appears to have taken place. I don’t know Eric; I live on the other side of the country. But I was touched by his story and he will be in my prayers. Good luck to Eric Frimpong and I hope that eventually the justice he deserves is found.

    God Bless.

  43. Marion said

    Like Brian, I just found out about Eric’s story from ESPN Magazine. I hope this story will reach many others like me, who can be moved to believe in and care for a complete stranger. If there are enough of us, we can be heard and justice can be done. Stay strong!

  44. florence Korang said

    Helloo Savio my own savio papapaaaaaaaaaaa.I hope you doing well.Hmm i dont come here often for reasons.But sometimes i get so angry but only to comfort myself that God is in charge.Hmm for me i will always be there to support you and be your greatest fan.I know God is in charge and surely victory shall be ours.Cantona always bring me your greetings thanks and that makes me know that he sends mine to you.I will support you ok.Even if nobody believes i believe you and i know you will come out of this even best.Take care of yourself.

  45. SKYLOLO said


  46. Andrew said

    I also just read about this story in ESPN the Magazine and it has really got to me. I too was falsely accused of this myself so I personally know what you are going through. Fortunately, justice did prevail for me and I have faith in the Lord that justice will prevail for you as well Eric. I am just amazed and touched by the fact you are handling this situation in the best possible way…by trusting in God. It really is good to hear how you have organized Bible studies within the confines you are in touching their lives with your story as well. I hope you continue to stay positive and trust in God to help you through this storm. You will definitely be in my prayers!

  47. Caden said

    I’ve got to admit, I read the story about you on ESPN. Its the amount of evidence pointing towards you being innocent that intrigues me. Why the jury was fully white, and an abundance of other reasons that confuses me. You are an innocent man. Never forget that. The women who screamed rape, the jury that tried you, the judge that sentenced you? They are wrong, and will live each day in regret. I am not a religious man. But I do know that I will make your story known here in Victoria, BC, Canada. Justice will be served to those that did this. Pray as much as you can. One day I want to watch you play Soccer when you are pro.


  48. John Amuah said

    Hello, If I remember my Bible correctly, there was another man who was falsely accused of rape and thrown into jail. Look at how that one turned out!!

    Since I was not there, I cannot say whether or not he did it, but based on the gross circumstantial evidence presented and the character profiles which have not been disputed, it is difficult to think he did.

    Anyway, in most situations, it is the woman’s word against the man’s.

    I am really sorry for Eric. I do not know him, but I think he is blessed to be surrounded by so many great friends and people who are willing to step up to the plate for him. I believe he is where God wants him to be at this moment and He will raise him to greater heights than he ever imagined. This will turn out for the best somehow. I don’t know how or when, but we will see Eric out.

    Thank you Eric, for being a role model to us all. Others would have cried, raved and ranted against God and the system for their situation, but you seem to be drawing on an inner strength we rarely find in the young these days and making a positive impact where you are.

    I am humbled by your tenacity, faith and humility. The “perp” who carried out this misdeed and the false accusers may one day hang their heads in shame, but you can walk proudly, head held up high, a proud and deserving child of God and honored son of an African mother.

    Your American friends have shown their faith in you and their belief that you will one day live the real American Dream. May your story be told to the ends of the earth. One day, all of you your stories will be told. God bless you all.

  49. Stephen Clarke said

    I just discovered Eric’s story through and I have never been so angry and frustrated at a justice system that is so obviously flawed and biased. I just wanted to leave this comment here supporting Eric and wishing him the best of luck for the rest of his life.
    Though I live in Australia and will never meet him, I will never forget Eric and I pray for him.

  50. Bernard said

    Hi Saviola,
    This is the time to show to the world who you really are? Keep your dreams alive. Remember what happened to Joseph. You will the Joseph of our century and I would like you tounderstand that they have access to the body but the soul is most important. I believe you, Eric not to talk about our days on campus in Ghana. That is the wisdom of men but true justice is of the Lord. Thumbs up! Eric. You are a hero!

  51. Gloria said

    Dear Eric: God is with you and the truth will come out very soon. Keep hope alive and we are working hard for you. Just know that we all love you and justice will someday be served.

  52. christopher Atta Aboagye said

    where ever you are at this material moment ,I want to tell you that God who knows best about our situation will set you FREE. Not only setting you free but you will be an ICON the world will look up to like Nelson Mandela of South Africa.
    In fact, I always develop goose pimple whenever I think of where you are .My only consolation is that “YOU ARE ALIVE ” back in school we used to say dom spero spera meaning once we live there is HOPE.
    The world over knows that you are innocent but GOD wants to show his Glory through your case.
    EVEN THOUGH IS VERY PAINFUL , everything that come our way is for our Good.GOD HAVE A PURPOSE FOR ALLOWING IT. Biblical Job went through very tough time. if God had not allowed it ,the devil wouldn’t have control over him and later he became greatest in the world.
    What i know is that even if you have a microsecond to live,the purpose for which God created you will definitely come to pass.Amen.

  53. Willis Shalita said

    Eric :

    Just to wish you a good weekend, as that may be, and to remind you, my brother, you do NOT stand alone. Stay positive. Focused, and this too shall pass.

  54. JENITHA said

    Eric, although i dont know you, i have been praying for you since i read your story. All i want to tell you is to have faith. Faith is a difficult subject to cover, because it is so personal. Pray always. God is the only person you can trust in times like these. Dont feel limited by the walls of the prison. They can imprison your body but they cannot imprison your mind. You still have the ability to think of great things and i believe they will all come to pass one day.
    All the best bro.

  55. CWAT. said

    Mr. Frimpong – I found your story by accident while in the laundry. My heart goes out to you Sir. You came to the U.S. in search of a better life and although fate has dealt you a bad hand you have remained strong and steadfast. I applaud you for such character and for completing your studies and wish you all the BEST and shall keep you in my PRAYERS.

  56. David said

    Hi Eric, my son left our country the same year that you did to play college soccer in the US as well. He had many fans and even had girls force themselves on him. He found one in his bed naked one evening when he arrived home.

    Why would someone like you or him feel the need to force themselves on a girl when so many opportunities arise because of your status on campus. I don’t think you did.

    As I read the story it seems to me that we have a jealous boyfriend already having problems, that couldn’t stand to see his girl with a well known athlete and nice guy. We’ve seen his teeth marks on her face, his DNA in here clothing and proof that he was angry and in the vicinity.

    In spite of the phone records, reports of someone watching and the documented issues in their relationship, he was never questioned. This is unbelievable.

    There are too many inconsistencies, a terminated detective, evidence withheld, illegal arrest.

    I know when I sent my son to the US, I trusted that justice would always prevail, that you are innocent until proven guilty and that the US is the land of the free.

    He has returned to his native country and I’m sure one day you will as well, a free man, exonerated, cleared of any wrong doing.

    I will pray with you that justice is done, and the real culprit will be judged on this earth or to come. I know that knowledge gives you strength every day.

    Be strong, keep playing soccer. One day this will all be behind you. I hope sooner than later.

  57. Amanda Frimpong said

    If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your mountain, “MOVE!” and it WILL move… and NOTHING will be impossible for YOU!
    –Matthew 7:20

    this might seems impossible bur believe me the LORD knows why. Have faith, be strong and fight on.
    He is in control..
    p.s: dont forget to pray.

  58. kwame ako said

    You just came to mind and I know you will be free very soon but I want you to remember this – you are truely free.

  59. YAW MANU said


  60. Marc Silverstein said

    I’m so sorry about your loss on appeal earlier this year, I’ve kept on top of your situation and please know that at least one soccer referee is definitely on your side.

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