UPDATE:  May 13, 2011  

PLEASE SEE UPDATE POSTED IN OTHER SECTION – It looks like we will have a decision in Mid-Ju

We learned this week that a DECISION on Eric’s appeal will be final and published during March 2010.  We are awaiting this decision any day now.    

We will update everone interested with the outcome of the decision by the California Court of Appeals.  Pray for this 3 Judge panel that they thoughtfully considered the facts of this trial and that they decide to overturn this conviction and order a new trial. 

We are grateful to Skadden, Aarps (Tom Nolan and Carl Winston) and Ron Turner for their tireless legal work and Joel Engel and Oscar Rothenberg for their investigative work. 

We visited Eric on Saturday, February 20th in prison.  Eric is physically healthy, but the prison life is beginning to harden his heart.   Please join us in praying for strength and the spirit to fill him in these (hopefully) final days of this journey.

Paul and Loni

UPDATE: December 30, 2009

Eric’s Appeal has been fully briefed and presented to a three (3) judge panel in Ventura, CA. on December 10, 2009.

We are currently awaiting the Courts decision – hopefully any day now, possibly early January 2010.

We are very hopeful that the key arguments and case law presented will cause this conviction to be set aside or overturned and a new trial ordered.

If you can help financially, you may donate via PAYPAL or by check to Eric to help cover defense expenses including expert witnesses – see below.

We are also looking to build a fund for Eric for a NEW trial should the Appeal be successful and Eric will need a defense attorney.

We are deeply indebted to Joel Engel and Oscar Rothenberg for their incredible investigative work which has resulted in the evidence, facts and expert witness testimony/declarations that prove Eric’s innocence as shown in this story published today.

We are thrilled with the work of Ron Turner and the September 2009 addition to the legal team, Skadden Aarps.  Tom Nolan has been amazing in the appeal process and we are so grateful to them both.

Pray for Eric – two years in prison since his conviction on December 17th.  He remains strong and faithful, but the time and institutional life is wearing on him.

Every little bit helps!!!

PAYPAL Donations:

Email: frimpongfreedom@gmail.com
Paypal Eric’s account through the above email addresss

Checks may be sent or deposited as follows:

Eric Frimpong Freedom Fund
Att: Loni Monahan
1521 Summit Avenue
Cardiff, CA 92024
Email: frimpongfreedom@gmail.com

Or walk into any Montecito Bank and Trust location to direct deposit into:

Eric Frimpong Freedom Fund.
Montecito Bank and Trust
1106 Coast Village Road
Montecito, CA 93108


29 Responses to “Support Eric – Write, Pray, Donate.”

  1. lonimonahan said


  2. NA said

    Do you have an e-mail where paypal donations can be sent?

  3. How are you verifying that funds are actually going to Eric Frimpong? I am a close friend of his and when I last talked with him 3-20-08, he nor his family were benefitting from the donations made here.

  4. deanna cintas said

    the above comment is very important. i want to donate and want others to do so, but i also want to be sure my donation and theirs is going where we intend it to go.

  5. Sandra said

    I will like to know about that too before i can make a donation..
    please give us informations i guess we really need to know if that money is truly going where it is supose to go..i trust you people but understand my anxiety

  6. Harrison Gilmore said

    i will pray for him but im only 11 so i can’t send money

  7. Sean said

    Can we get a counter for how much money has been raised so far?
    It would be nice to see how our efforts are helping the case to progress…

    • ADMIN said

      Sean –

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      We have current appeal needs of $25,000 for expert witnesses and a trial attorney for a new evidentiary hearing. We hope that will take place in August. This is our next attempt to get a new trial. We will be filing a Habeus Corpus shortly thereafter citing new evidence that points to his innocence.

  8. James Whelan said

    This is a disgrace the judge and jury were ignorant racists.

  9. thirteen said

    how do we verify payments will go to Eric???

    answer this question and i will donate.

    • ADMIN said

      Thirteen –

      We have updated this information on Eric Frimpong Freedom Fund site.
      We are Eric’s American family in San Diego. Our youngest son, Patrick, was Eric’s roomate and teammate at UCSB. Please call with questions. Paul Monahan 760.418.5226

  10. LTP said

    Ditto this. I was just about to make a donation but upon hearing this I now want to know personally where it is going.

    • ADMIN said

      Thanks for the post.

      We have updated all of the information on the site: Eric Frimpong Freedom Fund.

      You may donate directyl to the fund (in the funds name) at the Bank in Montecito CA. You can send a check directly to Eric’s attorney if you’re more comfortable with that approach. Whatever you need to do to get comfortable. Eric needs our help. Please donate.

  11. Paul Monahan said

    We encourage all supporters to verify this information.

    1. Please verify account status for Eric by calling Montecito Bank and Trust (805) 963-7511. The account is in the name of Eric Frimpong Freedom Fund.

    2. Please write Eric Directly at:
    Eric Frimpong
    California Correctional Institute
    Level 2, Dorm 8 – 38 lower
    Po Box 608
    Tehachapi, CA. 93581

    For the record: Loni Monahan is the trustee (for Eric). Eric was our son’s Patrick’s roommate (and teamate) at UCSB. 100% of all funds are used for Eric’s benefit.

    We visit him monthly to review donations and expenses for his appeal and Habeus petition. We last visited him on July 10th, 2009.

    Eric is doing well – considering where he is. He has been taking classes continuing his education and leading a bible study for 25 inmates. We love seeing him, hearing his stories and seeing his wonderful trial.

    Financial Needs: July 2009 – $20-30,000.00

    Expert Witnesses in four major categories.

    We have received $5,125.00 in commitments in the past two weeks (through July 10, 2009) to help begin this process with these experts.

    We also need to engage an Independent Trial attorney (in addition to current Appellate Attorney – Ron Turner) in the event that we are successful in winning a new trial for Eric. This would include someone to represent Eric at an evidentiary hearing in the coming months as part of the appeal process.

    Please call or write us with any questions.

    Paul Monahan

    • Janet said

      Hi Paul,

      My boyfriend’s an avid soccer fan and I just happened to come across Eric’s story on ESPN magazine this weekend. I feel horrible for what happened to him and unsurpisingly, the thought of Joseph’s biblical story came to mind.

      I just tried calling Montecito Bank and Trust and for whatever reason, they are unable to locate the trust. They said an account number would be helpful in order to locate it. Could you email the account number to me – just so that I can verify the trust is still up and running. I’d like to donate for the appeal.

      Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

      • Paul Monahan said

        Janet –

        Please email me at prmonahan3@gmail.com and I can give you the account number.

        We do not want to post the account # on the Web. Loni spoke with Monticito Bank and Trust yesterday and they have now flagged the account to make it easy to find.

        We apologize that you had difficulty locating it – but thanks for helping Eric.


  12. Heinz Leitner said

    Dear Sir,
    I just happened to come across on Eric’s story on Field Negro’s website.I am an Austrian, living in Vienna. I have got an PayPal account in Austria and would like to send some EUROs to your e-mail address frimpongfreedom@gmail.com. Please tell me whether this e-mail address is still valid. Please give my best wishes to Erich.
    In solidarity

  13. Kaci said

    I just came across this story. Unbelievable. What an unjust and corrupt system we have.
    I do praise Eric for having such amazing faith through all of this. God bless him.

  14. Ian Sarmento said

    Please, set up a paypal account, this makes it much much easier for online donaters to send money directly from their account, from where ever they are while already viewing this page.

    Then, add a donate button on the page to make it even easier to find the paypal account.

  15. tetteh david kwao said

    I am surprise that the best way to hate some one is to throw him in jail.The judicial system of America is falling and failing us.
    posterity will judge all the perpetrators involved in this case.At this lent,we look up to only God to come to his aid.

  16. kwadwo appietu-ankrah said

    hi paul, i was teammates with eric at knust in ghana. we will like to set up a fund here in ghana to raise funds for eric. let me know if that is ok.

  17. Heinz Leitner said

    Dear Eric,
    I’ve just sent you 100 USD to your PayPal accountas a little sign of my solidarity. I am an Austrian man in a wheelchair sharing my apartment with two kids from the Republique du Congo who had to leave their home country because of the civil war there. I hope you will be released soon from the jail in the USA and can continue a life in freedom and dignity! I am sure you will succeed with the help and support of your dear American friends. Keep up your strength!
    With best wishes from my two Congolese “black brothas” and me
    In solidarity

  18. Onassis said

    Hi Paul, Eric was my friend at KNUST Ghana, he was someone who feared God and would never engage in such act. God will surely exonerate him. How can i donate?

  19. ms willis said

    What a sad story…knowing I left Africa to come here at about same age as Eric did alone. The terror he must be experiencing, his poor mother also.
    I thank God for all his kind friends and American mom.
    I will write to him soon, I pray a miracle will come
    Eric’s way soon. Please any updates?
    Did he appeal yet? May God grant you wisdom also. Careful from this point on, people can be complicated.

  20. Williams Kissiedu said

    Eric is a lengend and nothing can change that gift. Not even death, for death has no power over him. He is like a blazing fire to all who are against him both spiritually and physically because the WORD lives in him.

  21. darlene said

    ADDRESS Update May 16, 2010
    Eric Frimpong #F-95488
    Hopi-Bravo Cell # 112 Low
    La Palma Correctional Center
    5501 N La Palma Rd.
    Eloy, AZ 95131

    The above return address on a letter I received from Eric recently.

    This whole investigation and trial is “American Shame”. May God intervene and bring the truth out to clear up this shameful action.

  22. darlene elko said

    May 2010; I wrote to Eric, sending my prayers.
    Here is the updated mailing address for Eric;

    Eric Frimpong #F95488

    Hopi-Bravo Cell #112 Low

    La Palma Correctional Center

    5501 N. La Palma Rd

    Eloy, AZ 85131

  23. Kim said

    Is there an updated address to where I can write Eric directly? I believe the address listed above is old now since he is not at Tehachapi anymore right?

    Thank you!

  24. solomon Yampohekya said

    I pray a miracle happens. It is only God who knows what he is preparing for Eric. It could be like the story of Mandela. Whatever the case,we implore God for a miracle.

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