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  1. Patty Craychee said

    I a horrified at the injustice Eric is suffering in this country that is supposed to be founded on the basis of justice and freedom. The sham of his trial is a disgrace. That is nothing new, unfortunately. But this young man’s whole life is at stake. He is wrongly incarcerated due to a sham of a trial and all of the prejudices of race involved. His accuser is a drunk and a lier who can’t even remember what happened on the night in question. I am ill about the whole situation. My heart goes out to this young man and his family. I only know Eric incidentally due to the fact that I am a Gaucho soccer fan. I have met Eric at a few soccer events, but he wouldn’t know who me. I hope and pray that something can be done to free Eric.

    • naa ob said

      i couldn’t believe it,why should there be soo much injustice?is there no one in the judiciary who can stand out for the truth?it is because hes black?are there is no God-fearing men n women out there?i know Eric n i know he is not it that he has no advocate n proof?why are there soo much evil.God will vindicate Eric one day.its not fair,someone must help him!.

  2. lonimonahan said

    I received your very generous donation today. On behalf of Eric who I know would write this to you himself if he could, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Every penny is so important at this time to insure that Eric can receive the best defense. It will be very important for him to meet with you when he is released. He will want to thank you in person for your kindness and continued support throughout this travesty.
    Bless you,
    Loni Monahan

  3. Patty Craychee said

    Dear Loni,
    I wish I could give more. I am so upset by what is happening to Eric. I knew about Eric before he finally arrived at UCSB and was so happy to be introduced to him along with his team mates the first year he played. I was excited for him to have a chance at “The American Dream”, especially when he helped the Gaucho’s win the NCAA Championship. I thought it was such a wonderful thing for him. The shock of hearing the accusations against him… astounding! But I spoke with people who knew him closely and was assured that he would never be convicted, that Eric was the sweetest, most gentle young man. Impossible!! And I knew in my gut he was innocent. The court case proved that he was innocent! And then the guilty verdict!! Impossible… how can this happen? I am sick. Please give Eric my love and know that many people feel as I do. I have to believe that he will be set free. Thank you for letting me express my support for Eric and thank you for the work you are doing to help free Eric.


  4. augustine said

    Bro, I will be praying for you. Just remember God delievers from Fire, lions and even jail. He will see you through. He is the same God that raised his son from the dead, remember you are also his son.

    Love from a Nigerian brother in NYC.

  5. Mike Sullivan said

    We all have to hope and pray that the ideals that this country was founded on will rise to the surface and the injustice will be fixed. I don’t know Eric and just found out about the story. It is a travesty in the highest form.

  6. LaQuietta Daniel said

    I am horrified about this story. This reads like a story back in the Civil Rights days, I can not believe this is going on and the public is silent about it. Where is the press? Why isn’t this story getting national attention? I don’t know Eric but everyone deserves an honest trial. I will being praying for a speedy release.

  7. nana said

    God be with you

  8. Willis Shalita said

    Once again, Santa Barbara has shown its true colors. But Eric’s troubles must be ours, for justice delayed is justice denied. In the words of MLK, “there is no greater sin than to see evil and do nothing.” The ball is in our courts. Eric must be FREE.

  9. Dan said

    He is innocent

  10. CHRISTY said


  11. Darlene Elko said

    I wrote Eric, here is his new address as of May 2010

    Eric Frimpong #F-95488
    Hopi-Bravo Cell # 112 Low
    La Palma Correctional Center
    5501 N La Palma Rd.
    Eloy, AZ 95131

  12. Ebo said

    I know the path of racism is been walk on by some of the people of Santa Barbara. For how long only God can tell. I just want the Good people of Santa Barbara and the rest of the world who wants to support the cause of the release of Eric Frimpong continue to work hard and pray.

    The Lord God will be the Judge of this case.

    Eric Frimpong will certainly be out and the architects of this scam will swim in their own disgrace.

  13. henry odoom said

    free him dont kill his mum

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