If you would like to help, or would like more information about Eric and his case, please contact:

Loni Monahan

760-271-1314 — Director


7 Responses to “Press Inquiries.”

  1. Sarah O'Connor said

    2/28/08- What is the current status of the Eric Frimpong case? Will there be an appeal? What can Frimpong supporters do at this point? Why hasn’t there been an emphasis on the fact that the victim’s DNA was found on Eric Frimpong? Is that evidence enough to convict him of rape?

  2. morecars said

    cant some1 contact al sharpton and all those civil rights leaders

  3. Amma said

    I’m very sad to read about this story, and praying for more blessing and strength for all of those running this website and working to support Eric.
    Could you provide information about approximately how much money is needed, how much has been donated so far and how that money has been spent.

  4. farouk said

    heyy how do we offer our help from uk

  5. Gregory said

    I am a Ghanian student in the US and i will be contacting our embassy to see what they can do.
    Thank you

  6. augustina larbie said

    This is a sad story but i don’t understand that upon the facts of the case he was still convicted that was inhuman something must be done.

  7. chrishalkides said

    Forensic scientist Suzanna Ryan wrote, “An example of how secondary transfer could conceivably affect the interpretation of a case was illustrated by Sarah Jones and Kirsty Scott of the SPSA Forensic Services (Aberdeen) during the Body Fluids Conference Jointly hosted by the Forensic Science Society & the Centre for Forensic Investigation, University of Teesside and reported in Science and Justice 50 (2010). Jones and Scott performed experiments to determine if non-intimate contact could result in the transfer of DNA to a male volunteer’s underwear and penis. Of three scenarios reported, one resulted in the transfer of the female volunteers’ DNA to both the underwear (33% of the samples) and penis (67% of the samples) of the male volunteers even though no direct contact from the female to the male had occurred. The scenario involved 1 minute of face-touching, 3 minutes of handholding and immediate urination by the male. However, when a 15 minute period was introduced between the non-intimate contact and urination, no female DNA was detected on either the underwear or penis of the male volunteers.” To make a long story short, I think it is possible that the DNA arrived via secondary transfer.

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