We are awaiting the FINAL answer on Eric’s HC Petition.  The Hon Judge Brian Hill will rule on Eric’s casy by August 10th. . . probably sooner.

Please keep Eric, the judge and all those impacted by this trail in your prayers.  May Eric receive justice – and be released.

As soon as we hear, we will let each of you know the outcome.  This has been a long process, however, we are now down to a matter of days.    We expect that one of the 4 outcomes below will be communicated in the coming week.

1. Juidge orders Evidence hearing to hear all the Innocence claims that the evidence clearly shows.   The goal here is to get a new trail (or release)

2. Judge orders a new trial.   This would allow us to prove Erics innocence and allow Eric to be cleared of all charges.

3. Judge overturns conviction and sets ERIC free . . .

4. Judge upholds the conviction (bad and low probability) and we appeal to Supreme Court.

Pray hard that light will shine on this travesty and that Eric is released from prison with his wrongful conviction overturned.

Blessings to each of you.


28 Responses to “July 25, 2011 UPDATE”


    If the facts are according to what is being said then I will like to add my voiceand say to Frimpong that JUSTICE IS YOUR FRIEND, AND I KNOW YOU WILL FIND PEACE even if they try to steal it

  2. daniel danso adu said

    come on all blacks let us stand to this injustice. i will put my whole life on this to help him out

  3. daniel danso adu said

    At the bedrock of our criminal justice system is the presumption of innocence. Every person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The rules of procedure in our criminal justice system flow from these basic principles, recognizing that “it is better to set ten guilty men free than to convict one innocent man.”

    These safeguards failed to protect former UCSB soccer star Eric Frimpong from being convicted of rape, even though none of his DNA was found on the accuser; only semen from her boyfriend. The young woman, a 19-year-old freshman with a history of alcohol-induced blackouts, had a blood alcohol level between .29 and .34. At .35 you are at an anesthesia level where surgery can be performed.

    Eric Frimpong, 22, is from a village in the northern region of Accra, Ghana, on the west coast of Africa. A soccer player as a boy, he was “discovered” and recruited by a UCSB soccer coach who was in Ghana to scout other players. He arrived at UCSB in August 2005, with only a small bag of belongings. He became a starting mid-fielder on Coach Tim Vom Steeg’s 2006 NCAA championship soccer team. He is described as an excellent student, never in any trouble at UCSB or before, devoutly religious, and a warm, friendly, gentle soul. Everyone who met Eric came away with admiration and affection for this young man from West Africa. Eric was drafted by a professional soccer team, the Kansas City Wizards, and was set to graduate from UCSB with a degree in mathematics. UCSB soccer coach Tim Vom Steeg describes Eric as a wonderful young man who he cannot believe would commit rape.

    One night in February 2007, Eric invited a fan of the team’s 2006 championship victory to his house to play “beer pong” and hang out with his friends. Though Eric and the woman separated, she later accused him of raping her on the beach below Del Playa. However, the evidence does not support her claim. She alleged a violent attack on the beach that left her covered in sand, yet the first person she saw testified he saw no sand on her. Eric had no scratches or abrasions on his body nor any sand on his black skin and hair. It was hours before she reported the alleged rape. When examined, she claimed to have been hit on the cheek. Given her extreme intoxication, she had little memory of what had happened. Sheriff’s Detective Daniel Kies repeatedly suggested facts to her, including that she was bitten. He allowed two of her friends who were also drunk to coach her during the interview. A swab taken much later of her cheek was negative for any DNA.

    Detectives Kies and Michael Scherbarth did nothing to investigate what other males the accuser had contact with that night or when she last had sex with her boyfriend. The detectives found Eric the next morning, playing ping pong with friends. They requested he go with them without explaining the allegations or his rights. Eric’s friends asked if he needed representation, explaining he was from a foreign country and would not understand what was going on. Detective Kies lied, stating he would explain everything, then took Eric away and grilled him without explaining why. He didn’t explain his rights until Eric, obviously confused, asked what was going on.

    Unlike his accuser, none of Eric’s friends were allowed into his interview. Eric politely answered all questions, allowed a search of his home and clothes. When they finally told him he was a rape suspect, he denied having sex with the accuser and volunteered a DNA sample. There was no presumption of innocence. They accepted the impaired accuser’s word. Eric was the only suspect, even after only the boyfriend’s DNA was found on the accuser that night.

    After the publicity of Eric’s arrest, another girl surfaced who alleged a past sexual assault. On a mere accusation, the District Attorney charged “sexual assault” and portrayed Eric as a serial sexual predator. While acquitted of this false second claim, his case was severely prejudiced by it. At trial the prosecutor systematically excluded minorities and foreign-born citizens from the jury, depriving Eric of a jury of his peers. The prosecution hid exculpatory evidence by not revealing a dental expert previously consulted. They falsely told the court the second expert was used because he wasn’t charging a fee when he did in fact charge a fee.

    The prosecutor disregarded the presumption of innocence and burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt by saying that Eric had no alibi. During the course of the trial, a juror was arrested for DUI, an alcohol-related criminal offense; yet, in a case where alcohol intoxication was a major issue, the juror was not replaced. The jury asked to review the accuser’s and Eric’s statements. Only the accuser’s was read. Judge Brian Hill then told the jury it would take too long to review everything so they should just review what they had already heard. Eric was convicted two hours later.

    Judge Hill revoked Eric’s bail and sent him to jail. Meanwhile the alleged victim has reportedly been observed back on the party scene in I.V. Unlike the falsely accused student athletes in the infamous Duke rape case, Eric is indigent, without resources to fight in the courtroom or media. The kind parents and soccer team supporters who posted bail and paid for a lawyer are tapped out. Unless a motion for new trial is granted, Eric will be sent to prison. Will we as a community allow this to happen or will we demand that those who administer the law also abide by the law?

  4. Martha Adoma Dapaah said

    l am a relative of Eric in London. it is very unfair for a civilized country like America will put an innocent boy like him into prison. Even his parents in Ghana do not have any contact with him, they are being punish twice. Eric’s case is 21st century Joseph in the BIBLE throw into prison in Egypt. Iam praying that justice or the truth of the matter will come out one. Please where can i have his contact. Thanks for your support.

    • Judy said

      Why to go,much needed blessings……
      Free Eric and all others that are Innocent.
      What is justice? and with whom does it refer to?
      “United we stand;divided we fall.”
      As we stand the gov.pulls the strings,we are assumed puppets;to me they are a “scheisster:”
      Meaning;A person who is professionally unscrupulous
      especially in the practice of law and politics.
      It couldn’t get any better than that.
      I hope every one reads my website as well.
      http://www.freeraymondharmon.com Thanks every one and good luck to us all.

  5. deanna cintass said

    I am sending this situation to all my friends and family in the hopes they will support the cause and donate. It is a funny thing that DNA testing is setting people free who have been in jail for decades, yet it is the same DNA testing that proved Eric was not the guy, and the prosecuters chose to hide that information. Justice for all, my ass.

    • The judicial system is by no means fair,I have a friend that is being charged for a crime he did not commit,he too was treated like Eric was;and I mean nothing was fair with his trial,because the judicial system does not want to spend the states money to search for the real perpetrator’s and in oder to silence the system/public the innocent and/or the lesser of abled men or women are charged.In my friends case he is not very educated nor a very good back ground as growing up,therefore he was an easy mark for the inspector and police.So here sits my friend for life.Raymond Harmon tried for three separate motions and he was refused all three times.I ask where is all the fairness in the USA? I have lived here all my life and yet to see fair justice prevail.If more people would stand up together we can combat this issue rather than hide our heads in the sand.I noticed with the whole system when the word murder is mentioned the person is automatically judged;should it be a member of your own family then what?They are innocent?but the judge & police think not;it’s a painful struggle.
      God bless every one……..Peace,Love & Harmony

  6. Wizzy said

    Oh my God, what on earth is painful than suffering for a crime that you never commitied. I really know that Eric would be vendicated at the long round.
    Despite the injustice and misapprpriartion of the rule of law on this case, there is also a way.
    The jury must not forget that “if the lizard of the homstead refuses to do the things of its kind, it is considered as the lizard of the farmland”. They know the right thing but are refusing to let the truth prevail just because of something unknown to everyone. Or do I have to ask the question that “is it because of his skin colour(Black).
    The jury should not forget that God created man in his image but He did not say black or white. After all we are all Humans that have blood and fluid flowing in us.
    Oh God save this innocent boy let his enemies be scattered.Let God arise and his enemies be scattered.
    And to Eric, never give up. the battle belongs to the lord.Thisis Doggie

  7. Harrison Gilmore said

    its bad when our justice system turns racist and we need to fight and pray for eric

  8. Andy said

    The Judicial system needs to be refined. If this case should not be tolerated and should be taken to the highest courts. The judge in this case should be stripped of his title and have his ass beat. The “victim” should be raped in her whorish asshole over and over and over again. She should be fucked with a razor wire covered batton! I am SO FRUSTRATED with this story and the fact that Eric is still sitting in a prison for something he OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T DO!!

  9. Davor Lovric said

    Man feel so bad for him this is like The Shawshank Redemption all over again… Wish you luck from Australia.

  10. Another drunk floozy college girl throws the rape card out at the first person she can think of.

    I can’t even believe this went to trial.

  11. Branden K said

    I think this whole trial is bullocks and nothing was proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

  12. Suzanne Aguirre said

    I can’t believe this has all but been forgotten. Where is the continued outcry and outrage from the public? This goes beyond racism, and those who focus on that will only merit that this not get the attention that it deserves. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to you, Eric.

  13. awgjnr said

    I cant believe that in this modern era of civilization, a whole justice system can treat a matter as crucial as this with the attitude that has been displayed. And of all of the systems, this one is in the USA. May be the authorities in Ghana didn’t do much to help this young man. I will say that means should be provided so that we who cannot in any way pay via credit card or pay pal can be able to donate to help.

  14. awgjnr said

    The girl was almost ready to undergo surgery the level of booze found in her system and a bunch of white jury found her testimony good enough to convict someone for rape. Ha! And why was her boyfriend not investigated?

  15. awgjnr said

    Lets be careful here. We have to know beyond any reasonable doubt that the guy did not do this. Otherwise, we who support him would end up being labelled as a bunch of fools.

  16. Colin Callahan said

    This is the craziest, most ridiculous story I’ve heard in a long, long time. “Innocent until PROVEN guilty” immediately comes to mind. Some blackout drunk idiot has no idea what even happened, they find no DNA evidence that he had SEX with her, and the kid (who was about to become a PRO SOCCER PLAYER) is now in prison for 6 YEARS??!?!? Unbelievable!! I could see this happening in a terribly corrupt third world country somewhere, but not here. When we have to release the thousands of prisoners that we can no longer afford to detain here in California, he better be one of them. Can’t even describe how angry I am hearing about this. I wish I had heard 10 months ago.

  17. Derek Brown said

    This case is so tragic. After reading the facts of this case, how can any jury or judge allow a GUILTY verdict! Better yet how did it got to trial!
    Eric I hope you are freed soon and your accusors get what’s coming to them!

  18. ayeley said

    Any time i read this story i broke down in tears. can all ghanaians come together & fight for eric. send letters to the white house advertise commercial on the tv and in the news paper. Eric your story is like josephe,but let me assure you God will fight for you, that alcoholic girl will confess in a public tv for the whold to hear you are innocent, i will keep you in my prayers, what God have for you will surely come true. May the angles of heaven protect you.I like to donate some money for eric can someone please e-mail me the info.Also i want to make sure the money get to him or goes to his funds.

  19. adam said

    “We have to know beyond any reasonable doubt that the guy did not do this.” awgjnr, aug 7 2009

    Therein lies the (serious) problem. Surely we have to know beyond any reasonable doubt that the guy DID do this crime before we lock him up for 6 years? Not the other way around.

    awgjnr, you weren’t on the jury by any chance?

    This is the most outrageous display of legal incompetence, redneck aggression, vile self protection and downright stupidity I’ve ever read.

    I live in Australia, and I would like to hope that this could never happen in this country, but I know there’s always a chance. To everyone in the US, you need to take action. There must be a new trial. Write to your local council members, write to anyone in any sort of position of authority and bring this tragedy to their attention.

    If we’re all wrong (and i very much doubt it) and Eric did do this, then so what! He goes back to prison, and we accept that we were wrong and move on. But, if we’re right, and he’s innocent then this terrible mis-justice gets overturned and I for one will have some faith restored in the system. I can happily live with the risk of being wrong, as I’m sure 99% of you can, to discover the truth.

  20. darlene elko said

    I read Eric’s story on the Internet.

    May 2010; I wrote to Eric, sending my prayers. Here is the updated mailing address for Eric;

    Eric Frimpong #F95488

    Hopi-Bravo Cell #112 Low

    La Palma Correctional Center

    5501 N. La Palma Rd

    Eloy, AZ 85131

  21. Baybee bee said

    this is sooo sad why is he in jail this is just not right eric deserves freedom his story is soo touching he deserves the right of freedom this just showz how messed up this world is but i pray that god will show justice i am completely outraged by this story
    FREE ERIC!!!

  22. Vivienne Mata said

    Hello there,

    Has there been an update since December 2010? I am hoping that Eric has been freed by now.

    • lonimonahan said


      We met with Eric this week in Prison. The judge reveiwing his Habeas Corpus Petition has asked for another few weeks to make his ruling. We are very hopeful that this will be favorable to Eric. There is so much evidence that prove his innocence we pray that the Judge will allow for an evidence hearing and/or a new trial.

      Continue to pray for Eric.

  23. lonimonahan said

    We are getting close to an Answer on this case.

    We need prayer – specific prayer that the truth be seen and that light shine on the darkness of this trail.

    Lord, please hear our prayers and let Eric be set free, He has served 1,300 days in prison. May you will be done – and Eric’s name be restored.

  24. Laura P said

    Hello Loni! We here have been watching and praying. Is there any good news about the HC yet?

  25. solomon said

    I pray the almighty God gives Eric the strength to go through this. I believe in the end, not even a hair on his head will be hurt and we will give thanks and praises to the Almighty for being the redeemer. God is strongly with you and we are behind you with prayer. Hold on to hope and the word.

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